Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Look Back on July...and a Part of August

Hello friends, family, and supporters!

     There's so much going on that I'm really not sure where to begin. I suppose I'll start with one of my favorite things to talk about: our corefas. For those of your not familiar with what a corefa is, it's short for core facilitator. These are students who step up to lead our community each year by reaching out to new and returning students, organizing them into small communities, and setting an example in the way they live, learn, and love. These groups of students have such a huge impact on one another, and the fruit of their work is usually life change and lifelong friendships. Wow, that was a long definition for corefa, but maybe now you know why I love talking about them so much.

     To get back to the point, our corefas have been meeting with our staff some throughout the summer in order for us to get to know one another, and for them to get to know each other. It has been such a valuable time for sharing our testimony, talking through goals, and encouraging each other for the semester. This year Collin has more corefas than it has ever had, 16 to be exact. This huge blessing can only mean one thing: God wants to do big stuff through them at Collin this year. He's answered our continual prayers to "send workers into the harvest"and we couldn't be more excited to see the fruit God's faithfulness yields this year!

     In addition to that, we had our Focus staff retreat. We spent 3 days connecting as a team, getting on the same page regarding vision, and we also may have spent 3 hours at a water slide in Turner Falls. I love working with the talented staff we have at Focus, and it is always so encouraging to see the ways God is working at our other campuses.

     Finally, July has been the final hoorah of our fundraising season. Each summer the staff tries to raise the entire amount of money they need to be a campus pastor for the year. They usually do this through monthly pledges that are given by people looking to support what God is doing on the college campuses in the metroplex. If you're someone who fits into that category, please don't hesitate to email me back so I can let you know more!

     I'd like to ask that you be praying for a few things as August continues, friends.

  • Please pray that the first week of school at Collin is filled with our students meeting new people, inviting them into sincere community, and success as God defines it. 
  • Pray that our corefas and students would grow immensely this year.
  • Pray for our relationship with the staff and faculty at Collin, that it would be a mutual blessing. 
  • And finally, pray for simply God's will to be done! 
Thank you so much for your support and partnership. I've said it often, and for good reason because it's true; we would not be able to have the impact on these campuses that we do if it weren't for you.

Yours for the campus,


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