Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Update!

Hello friends and supporters!

     It's a been a bit since my last post; I can't wait to tell you everything thats going on! I'll start by talking about our annual Winter Camp that we have at Sky Ranch in Van, Tx. On MLK weekend from Friday to Monday, we had around 700 students at campuses across the metroplex join us for worship, learning, and fellowship. We flew in some great campus ministers from Washington state who we have known for years and who have helped enrich our ministry in countless ways. They spoke about what it mean to be sent by Jesus, and what it should look like to live outwardly focused lives as disciples. They knocked it out of the park. Our students were challenged and encouraged, leaving camp with a newfound desire to reach their campuses and get outside of their normal habits in order to love people well. It was a great weekend! Below is a picture of the Collin students we took to Winter camp. We had around 150 go this year!

     Our Spring meetings and small groups have kicked off as of two weeks ago and they're full-steam ahead! The last two weeks at Thursday Night Focus have been full of new students who are eager to make new friends and find out more about Jesus. We started a sermon series last week on the Word of God which is aimed at helping our students learn more about Scripture and considering his words to us. The students have responded in a big way and are eager to learn more about where we got the Bible from, who wrote it, and how we should interact with it. Exciting stuff! Outreach continues to go well at all of our three campuses, especially at Central Park in Mckinney. We just started at this campus last semester and we've seen some immediate fruit. God's certainly working there. We have a co-ed small group thats seen some new folks who have had an immediate impact on our community. It's been so cool to see God work there, and Cody McCarty has done an awesome job heading that up.

     On a personal note, being a full-time minister, part-time professor, and new dad has had its challenges but it's been overwhelmingly positive. Erika is back at work part time and I have Jack with me for about 18-20 hours a week. He comes with me to meetings, one-on-ones, and other ministry events and he's been so good. What a sweet blessing that I get to do God's work with this little guy. Please continue to pray for our communities, for us as ministers, and for my family as we do our very best to bring the Gospel wherever we go. I pray for you all often and I can't tell you how thankful I am for your love and support in this mission. Thank you!

Yours in Christ, 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November/December Update!!

Hello friends and supporters! 

It’s been a little longer than normal since my last post, and for that I apologize! One small part of that may be because BABY JACK HAS JOINED US IN THE WORLD!!! 

Jack Ryan Davis was born 8 pounds 13 ounces on October 19th at 5:20am. He and Erika were and are both healthy and happy with no complications. What an amazing experience watching my first child come into the world. I couldn’t be prouder of Erika and her patience, strength, and perseverance throughout the whole process. Needless to say, I’ve been disabused of the notion of the weaker sex being’s clearly men. Jack is now 6 weeks old and he’s HUGE: over 13 pounds to be exact. He’s a big fan of hugs, kisses, eating, and sleeping all day. I have nothing but praise to give to God and my thankfulness overflows on account of his provision for us. Thank you for your prayers, God answered every one! 

Ok, ok, enough about Jack. What about ministry?! Well, that’s been great too! I was unsure of what to expect heading into this semester. I wondered how I would begin to balance ministry with having my first child. Would I be a sleepless zombie with no relational energy to offer? Turns out God answered my prayer there too. I took a week off once Jack was born, and in my absence the Collin staff team stepped up in a big way. Their faithfulness, hard work, and growth has been a sustained encouragement to me and I love working with them. After my week off I went back in swinging and haven’t stopped since. I feel well-rested, energetic, encouraged, and thankful once again for God’s gracious provision. The Collin staff team has been great. They’ve served our students and leaders well and this semester has been a resounding success. New students continue to pour in and their lives continue to be shaped by the Gospel. 

Our student leaders are in a great place and they seem encouraged by the growth they’ve seen in their own lives as well as the lives of those they serve in our community. For our last leader meeting of the semester we did an activity that required each of the to come having written out what they desire to see God do in their lives for the next 20 years. Having them take the time to see the vision God has for their lives as disciples long-term was a way to get them thinking about what God is moving them away from and what he’s moving them towards. We shared them at our leader meeting and it was incredibly impactful. As we worshipped God in song we also worshipped him by acknowledging his ridiculously good vision for our lives. It will be something we remember and cherish for many years to come and it was a great way to end the semester. I totally didn’t cry, so don’t ask. 

On a different note, it’s the time of year for our annual Keep Focus Growing Initiative. We raise money during this time of year that pays for outreach material, Bible study booklets, expansion on to new campuses and more. I’d ask that you consider giving in this way during this season. Just go to and you can read more! 

Finally, we’re wrapping up the semester and heading in to Christmas break. We only have one meeting left tomorrow, and our Christmas party next week. It’s a fun and sweet time of year, but with the break usually comes some dangers for our students. “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground” as the old saying goes. Many students struggle with cyclical sin over the break, they isolate, they droop, and it can be a really rough time for them if they aren’t purposeful and proactive in their walks with God. I’d ask that you pray for them in all these things. I trust God will help them grow and develop during that time if they’ll pursue him. So please join us in praying that that is exactly what happens.

Friends, thank you so much for your prayers and support. Without them I could not do this most important work of bringing the Gospel to the college campus. Your support means you are as responsible for the fruit of our ministry as we are, and I’m so happy we get to share that together. Thank you so much! 

Yours in Christ,


Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall Update (First few weeks of school!)

Hello friends and supporters!

It's been about a month since I last updated you and it would be a dramatic understatement to say a lot has happened since then. God has been working in some powerful ways at Collin, and I can't wait to tell you about it. 

I'll start by describing the first two weeks of school from August 28th to September 8th: crazy. 
We spent the first two weeks as a community reaching out to our campuses on a daily basis. Every single day we were meeting new people, inviting people to the different events we were hosting, and getting to develop friendships. So many of our existing students from last year and incoming freshmen already tied to Focus made time to be on campus meeting new people and inviting them into friendship and community. It was such a cool experience getting to see so many young believers living out their faith and having a blast doing it. On Wednesday and Sunday night of the first week of school we hosted volleyball and tons of students showed up. Our students really walk the walk and it's a testimony to everyone who witnesses them that they truly love Jesus and people well.

Core groups have started up and so have the one on one studies we call Focus on Jesus (FOJ). This is a 10 week study of Jesus that two people go through together as they develop a friendship predicated on following Jesus together. These groups and studies have seen a ton of new people showing up and developing community! Speaking of community, Thursday Night Focus has been downright insane these past few weeks. We have reached capacity in the back of the cafeteria due to all the new students showing up to try out Focus for the first time. We hope they'll get plugged in to one of our core groups, start a one on one study with a student leader or member of our community and engage in life-changing friendship that will bring them closer to Jesus. God has been faithful to bring seeking people to our community and we want to be faithful with them. Here's a pic of Focus a few weeks ago!

Fall Camp is just around the corner for Collin (this weekend to be exact!) and it's a great opportunity for new people to make friends and for our whole group to become more tight knit. We'll be at Camp Copass in Denton having fun, learning together, worshipping God, and developing friendships that will hopefully last forever. If you would be praying about all the people showing up to Focus, for our faithfulness with them, and for Fall camp and them getting plugged in that would mean so much to us!

Thank you so much for making this ministry happen. Without your support we simply couldn't be here having the impact we are on the Collin campuses. Thank you!

P.s. Jack is due T-minus four weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crunch time.

Yours on the campus, 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Fall Semester Beginning!

Hello friends and supporters! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was updating you on student leader selection and the coming of the school year. This time of year moves so fast in campus ministry!

Student leaders:
For those of you that are new to my blog, "corefa" stands for core facilitator and refers to our student leaders who study the Bible with other students and lead the small groups (core groups) that are so pivotal to our community. We have selected our corefas for the year and paired them up with a peer to lead their core with. It's an exciting time for us as we have 2 cores that will be at the Preston Ridge Campus, 8 at the Spring Creek Campus, and the Central Park Campus will have 1 core (our very first foray into this campus!) We love the student leaders we picked and as a staff we're looking forward to spending a lot of time with them. We'll get weekly one-on-one time with them discipling and training them in serving their peers. We have 22 student leaders at Collin this year and we'd love for you to be in prayer for them!

Back to school:
This Saturday we have our Corefa Prep Day. With the group mentioned above we'll spend the whole day together Saturday getting them ready for the school year. We introduce them to key aspects of doing campus ministry, and as they get excited about reaching the campus they also get to know one another and build the team dynamic. We'll have a few more training kind of days but this one is aimed at the all-important Welcome Week.

Welcome Week:
Campus ministers know the most important week of the year for a campus ministry is the first week of school. What we do and don't do that week will have lasting consequences on the whole year and years to come. Our Welcome Week is from August 28th to September 1st this year. We have events planned at all the campuses for every day of the week that are aimed at drawing new students in. Our staff runs the events so that we can give our existing students a chance to reach out to and befriend their peers. It's such an exciting week as we see a ton of new faces and people being invited into loving community and authentic friendships. I'd ask that you also be praying for this week and our students!

As Welcome Week draws closer, so does the arrival of our newest family member, Jack. His due date is October 17th and we feel such a diversity of emotions, mostly excitement. As he is our first, we have very little idea what to expect. We simply know it will be will be a great joy and a great challenge. We ask that you be praying for us as we discover what ministry with a child can and should look like and we also welcome any advice you have to offer! I look forward to seeing my students love up on Jack and if I'm sure of anything I'm sure he won't lack many older brothers and sisters in the faith.

 I know I say it often, but I hope you don't think it's rote repetition on my part. I feel extremely blessed to be supported by you all; I'm greatly encouraged by your generosity and partnership with us on the campus. Your prayer, help, and financial support are pivotal to reaching the Collin College campus. I'm so grateful for you and pray for you often! Thank you!

In Christ,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July Update!

Hello friends and supporters!

It's been about a month since my last update and I have some great stuff to share with you! I mostly want to share about three things that have typified the time between mid-June and mid-July: SOOT, leader selection, and a staff vacation.

I'll start with Summer One-on-One Training (SOOT). Starting in mid-June our staff has been getting with a group of around 35-45 students every week in order to train them in how to do one-on-one ministry. We meet a total of four times and our last meeting is next week. While none of these students have made any commitment to leadership or even to coming to SOOT, it has been so cool to get to know them and see them coming every week to learn how to reach their peers next year. This past week we covered some axioms of one-on-one ministry like "people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care", and "moving people onto God's agenda". Besides from some of the basic teaching about ministry, SOOT is aimed at creating relationships among those students that will help them become core contributors to our campus community next year. God has blessed us so much with the group we have this year and I'm excited to get to work with them next year!

We've also started the process of selecting student leaders for next year. This is a massive undertaking as we sift through many students in our ministry and discuss whether they fit the criteria of a student leader. We have so many loving and capable students and we consider everyone to be a minister if they call Jesus "Lord". However, it takes a special student to have the ability and the desire to spend 10-15 hours a week minimum serving their peers by facilitating small groups, being trained in ministry, befriending people, and doing one-one-one ministry. We're looking for students who fit the FAITH acronym (Faithful, Available, Initiating, Teachable, Heart for God/people). None of these students are completely adept in these areas (and neither am I!) but we're asking God to give us discernment about who is walking that path so we can teach them how to fish for people this next year. Please be in prayer for us as we make those decisions and for the students as they consider those commitments!

Finally, I'd like to tell you a bit about the vacation to Louisiana that our Collin staff took last week. We had the chance to stay at a friends' parents house outside of New Orleans for cheap so we all jumped at the opportunity to get to spend the week together having fun and developing our friendships with one another. We mostly went to a close beach in Mississippi (which had dolphins!) and spent time eating and playing Spikeball in New Orleans. In the middle of our trip we went to serve at a really neat ministry for kids in a tough neighborhood in New Orleans called Hollygrove. Jesus Project Ministries (JPM) is trying to reach inner city kids by providing activities, supplies, food, friendships, and the Gospel and we got to be a very small part of that. Seeing these kids flock to their ministry was so cool. Our staff got to help out with odds and ends around their property and we were so blessed by their commitment and perseverance in bringing the Gospel to Hollygrove. Thanks JPM! Finally, I'd ask as I often do that you be in prayer for our ministry. The next time I write to you we will be in full swing for the semester, and so much work and preparation go into making that happen. Truly, it's God's work and our job is only to be faithful. Pray for our faithfulness. Thank you so much for continuing to make possible what we get to do on the Collin campuses. Blessings!

In Christ,

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

June Ministry Update!

Hello friends and supporters!

June has been a great month and as I've settled in to my summer routine I can't wait to tell you about what God has been up to in my life and ministry!

School of Ministry
At the beginning of June I began teaching a class as a part of Focus' summer school of ministry. Each summer, Focus offers classes that are aimed at allowing students to go more in depth in their understanding of God through Scripture and other writings. This summer I was given the opportunity to teach an 8 week course on the gospel of Mark. Although we've only had one class (with the second one tonight) it's been a big blessing to me. I love the Gospel of Mark and immersing myself in it has always brought me face to face with Jesus, and thus my life is changed again and again. It's impossible for me to read his words and observe him through the text and not be moved in so many different ways. It's also a huge blessing to get to teach the 50+ students from different campuses across the metroplex. Getting to know them and learn with them is special and I don't take it for granted. It speaks volumes of our students that they would spend 2 hours every Wednesday night listening to lecture on the Gospel and taking notes, asking questions, and growing their faith. I'm so proud of them and thankful I get to share the blessing of the Gospel with them!

Summer One-on-One Training
Last year we started something new: in the summer we invited students in our ministry who we thought could have a significant impact on the campus to a once-a-week training on how to do one-on-one ministry. Over t
he course of this 4 week training,  we tried to fire them up and enable them to reach their peers individually rather than relying on impersonal large events to do it for them. We also wanted them to get to know one another and our staff. It was a huge success and our students regularly referred back to it as important for them. This year we decided to do the same thing and we're currently in the process of planning for it. We're expecting around 45 students to be a part of this years training and we're SO excited to get to know them and get them excited for real ministry. That starts in two weeks so please be in prayer about that for us!

Our Baby!
Just a quick update on our baby boy coming in October: he's doing great! So far so good. I'm conserving sleep like a squirrel collecting acorns in Fall. Just kidding, I wish it worked that way! Erika is doing great too. She's such a trooper and has been in good spirits as she entered her 22nd week of pregnancy. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have a healthy wife and child as we're in this season. I've no doubt that your prayers are being heard. We're eager to meet the new guy! Next step: agree on a name.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. I'm praying blessings for you and your families.

In Christ,

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Update!

Hello friends and supporters! 

Well, just like that school is over and the summer has arrived. It's hard to believe the school year is done already; it seems like just yesterday I was telling you about our prep day at Collin for all our new student leaders. Well now they have a whole year of ministry under their belts and have experienced all the ups and downs of ministry. As I look back on the team we had leading at Collin this year, both students and staff, I can't help but feel overwhelmingly blessed. God gave us such great workers who poured their hearts and souls into people. I'll always look back fondly on this group and I'm so thankful I got to work with them! 

The main happening in May was our end of the year banquet. It's a fun affair with food, dancing, worship, and honoring the people who have served the ministry this year. It was a great way to end the year enjoying one another's company and laughing together. Directly after school ends most of the people on our staff head up to Washington for a week with around 80 students from all the campuses for the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (I've mentioned this in my previous blog post). I stayed back in Dallas this year in order to get a head start on fundraising, as well as a little relaxation after many years of attending SICM. I still miss being around our staff so much as well as the CCF staff up in Washington. I've made some lifelong friendships up there that I love getting to refresh when I go back up each year. So I'll be that much more excited next year when I go up to Washington!

As we head into summer we'll be meeting with our full staff team as normal each week, with a primary emphasis on staff development (pastorally, intellectually, relationally, etc.) and preparing for next year. We get a lot of feedback at the end of each year from our students, and we have a lot of ideas ourselves of how next year can go better. Summer is an integral time for hitting the reset button and making some changes, preparing for next year, and growing together. We plant in the summer so we can harvest in the Fall!

I'd ask that you be praying for the changes Collin is experiencing on staff (adding Cody, losing Hannah), and that our summer would be productive in regards to what I just mentioned above as well as in fundraising. Thank you so much for all of your love and attention as we work to bring Christ to the campus. I'm so grateful for you!

Yours on the campus,