Wednesday, December 6, 2017

November/December Update!!

Hello friends and supporters! 

It’s been a little longer than normal since my last post, and for that I apologize! One small part of that may be because BABY JACK HAS JOINED US IN THE WORLD!!! 

Jack Ryan Davis was born 8 pounds 13 ounces on October 19th at 5:20am. He and Erika were and are both healthy and happy with no complications. What an amazing experience watching my first child come into the world. I couldn’t be prouder of Erika and her patience, strength, and perseverance throughout the whole process. Needless to say, I’ve been disabused of the notion of the weaker sex being’s clearly men. Jack is now 6 weeks old and he’s HUGE: over 13 pounds to be exact. He’s a big fan of hugs, kisses, eating, and sleeping all day. I have nothing but praise to give to God and my thankfulness overflows on account of his provision for us. Thank you for your prayers, God answered every one! 

Ok, ok, enough about Jack. What about ministry?! Well, that’s been great too! I was unsure of what to expect heading into this semester. I wondered how I would begin to balance ministry with having my first child. Would I be a sleepless zombie with no relational energy to offer? Turns out God answered my prayer there too. I took a week off once Jack was born, and in my absence the Collin staff team stepped up in a big way. Their faithfulness, hard work, and growth has been a sustained encouragement to me and I love working with them. After my week off I went back in swinging and haven’t stopped since. I feel well-rested, energetic, encouraged, and thankful once again for God’s gracious provision. The Collin staff team has been great. They’ve served our students and leaders well and this semester has been a resounding success. New students continue to pour in and their lives continue to be shaped by the Gospel. 

Our student leaders are in a great place and they seem encouraged by the growth they’ve seen in their own lives as well as the lives of those they serve in our community. For our last leader meeting of the semester we did an activity that required each of the to come having written out what they desire to see God do in their lives for the next 20 years. Having them take the time to see the vision God has for their lives as disciples long-term was a way to get them thinking about what God is moving them away from and what he’s moving them towards. We shared them at our leader meeting and it was incredibly impactful. As we worshipped God in song we also worshipped him by acknowledging his ridiculously good vision for our lives. It will be something we remember and cherish for many years to come and it was a great way to end the semester. I totally didn’t cry, so don’t ask. 

On a different note, it’s the time of year for our annual Keep Focus Growing Initiative. We raise money during this time of year that pays for outreach material, Bible study booklets, expansion on to new campuses and more. I’d ask that you consider giving in this way during this season. Just go to and you can read more! 

Finally, we’re wrapping up the semester and heading in to Christmas break. We only have one meeting left tomorrow, and our Christmas party next week. It’s a fun and sweet time of year, but with the break usually comes some dangers for our students. “Idle hands are the Devil’s playground” as the old saying goes. Many students struggle with cyclical sin over the break, they isolate, they droop, and it can be a really rough time for them if they aren’t purposeful and proactive in their walks with God. I’d ask that you pray for them in all these things. I trust God will help them grow and develop during that time if they’ll pursue him. So please join us in praying that that is exactly what happens.

Friends, thank you so much for your prayers and support. Without them I could not do this most important work of bringing the Gospel to the college campus. Your support means you are as responsible for the fruit of our ministry as we are, and I’m so happy we get to share that together. Thank you so much! 

Yours in Christ,


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