Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Ministry Update

Hello friends, family, and supporters!

     I'm excited to get to talk with you about what's going on in Focus this month! Although Collin Focus doesn't meet in the summers, all of the campuses have been meeting together collectively this month on Thursday nights. These have been some very memorable and impactful meetings. It's such a joy each week to see all of our students coming together and worshipping the Lord, unified by Christ.

     At Collin Focus specifically we've started putting together our leader team for the school year. We've been investing our time in getting to know the students, sharing our lives with them, and calling them to be leaders on campus. Although it is not a simple or easy calling, and though it requires great personal sacrifice, these students can't wait to step up this year and lead their peers to ever-deepening relationships to God. That's probably the most exciting thing I can think of as a campus missionary!

     Personally, the month of June has been a trying one. My wife and I moved June 1st to temporarily live with my parents while we waited to move in to our first house. By June 17th we began the move to our new house! It was stressful moving twice in essentially two weeks, but God poured his grace on us all the more. Both times we moved we had plenty of selfless students to help us. We feel so blessed to be living in a home of our own for the first time. And God, as always, has provided for us in ways we didn't realize he would.

     July will be a month of solidifying the next school year's plans, growing in our friendships, and preparing to bring Jesus to our campuses. I want to ask you to pray for our plans next year, namely that they would be God's plans and not our own. Will you also pray that God gives us discernment in choosing leaders, and that he strengthen and guide them as they make their decisions?

     I also want to ask that you send me your prayer requests so that I can be praying for you. I consider you to be my partner in this ministry, regardless of the way you support me, and as such I strongly desire to hear from you and be praying for you! You can reply to my email or write me at Thank you and thank you again. Your support is invaluable to me!

Yours on the campus,

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