Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Update

     Hello friends and supporters!

     The picture of Collin College Focus above represents much of January. While the beginning of the month is normally a quiet time marked by relaxation and planning, the latter half of January is a remarkable time of community and fellowship. This is because of Focus Winter Camp. This time of year is my favorite time in many respects. All of the college campuses that Focus is on get together for one Spirit-filled weekend of growth. This year was the best camp I've ever been a part of. There was such deep worship, real heart-level changes, and sincere conversations that there can be no doubt God was there in a powerful way.

     Both Preston Ridge and Collin Focus have started back up and they have been going well! We've moved Preston Ridge to Wednesday nights at the behest of our students in order to cultivate a more intimate and fulfilling experience than Tuesdays at lunch can offer. Focus on both campuses are such a blessing to be a part of. Our students are studying the Bible, getting involved in small groups, and devoting their lives to God!

     New student leaders are also being developed as the year progresses. We have SICM (Student Institute of Campus Ministry) coming up in May, and we have invited 23 students from Collin and Preston Ridge to attend! What an incredible blessing that the Lord has answered our prayer to "send workers into the harvest". How faithful he is in helping us fulfill the mission he has invited us to be a part of. So cool!

     Finally, I wanted to invite you as my friends and supporters to pray for our burgeoning student leaders, our ministries as a whole, and our staff as we try to faithfully administer the word of God to these college campuses. I am praying that the Lord of the harvest bless you with all good things, that you continue in him, built up and firmly rooted, established in his grace. Thank you so much for your encouragement, your support, and your prayers.

Yours on the campus,

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