Monday, December 9, 2013

November Update!!!

Hello friends and supporters!

     I have a lot to tell you about and much to share with you but before I do so I'd like to spend some time thanking you. No matter how you support me, with money or friendship, prayer or help, love or kindness, you have had a great impact on my life. I felt called God's call to campus ministry back in 2006 and he's used you to make that call a reality. Though I am undeserving, a man with many flaws and misgivings, your help has allowed the power of God to be made perfect in my weakness. I can't tell you how thankful I am for you, and I hope you never question your impact; it is imperative. I appreciate you in a sincere and abiding way that is difficult to quantify. I praise God for you!

     November saw our first Pizza Theology of the year. Pizza Theology is what we call our multi-campus half-day conferences. We got together at UTD, with students from all of our campuses there to learn about breaking free from addictions and compulsive behaviors. We had a Christian counselor come in and speak to us and our students learned so much!

     Collin Focus requests money from the school every year to help pay for our students to go to Winter Camp. We request a substantial amount that is necessary to make camp more affordable for our students and cover costs associated with speakers. It is by no means an after thought. God saw fit to allow us to be granted the whole amount we asked for and that is a tremendous blessing to our students and ministry!

     Our core groups are going well and will be wrapping up this week as it is finals week next week. Our core facilitators have done an amazing job this semester bringing in new students and showing them Christ's love, building community, and leading people to full devotion to Jesus. All the while these students have been undergoing spiritual growth themselves as our staff continues to invest in them and train them to lead others. It's so cool to see them raise up leaders as we raise them up!

     Preston Ridge Focus continues to grow and break new ground. I couldn't be happier with the group of students up there and their desire to see God impact that campus in big ways. Below is a picture of some of our Preston Ridge students. What a great bunch!

    Finally, I ask that you pray for the winter break. Pray that our students are safe as they travel near and far. Pray for them to grow closer to God over the break, and to deepen their friendships in meaningful ways. Thank you for your continued support and friendship!

Yours in Christ,

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