Friday, November 2, 2012

October Update (Because I Couldn't Think of a Spooky Name)

Hi everyone!

      First, I have to say how blessed I am to be doing campus ministry. I've never been more excited about reaching college students for Christ and I think our students share that sentiment. Our God is so good, giving us in our work the very desire necessary to accomplish it. I'm also really thankful for my supporters, you who have given your time, money, and very lives to reaching college students on the Collin College campus. Your efforts are producing fruit that will not perish, spoil, or fade; eternal life is being created even now as students turn their lives and hearts over to God. Exciting, amazing stuff!
To give a few updates of this month I'll start with a cool God deal. I used to teach Sociology and Psychology at Sachse High School in Garland ISD. As a teacher I was blessed to have good spiritual conversations with students, asking questions and making them think about what they believed and why. One of my students ended up at Collin; I saw this student in the cafeteria on the first day of classes (I was there trying to meet new students) and invited him over to sit with me and talk. His initial response was "Coach Davis? What are you doing here?" He was pretty shocked to see someone so old there (which shocked me because I'm not old!), but we had a great conversation. To make a long story short, I invited him to FOCUS, told him to call me Garrett, and he came the next week. He isn't a Christian but God's calling that young man. He's now involved in a core group, coming to FOCUS, and starting a one on one study with one of our corefas (core group facilitators). God is good!
      To wrap up, I'll give another quick story that occurred just the other day. We have had quite a few international students showing up in cores and at Thursday Night FOCUS. One of these students is a young man from Egypt. He is Muslim but really enjoys coming and spending time with our students. I'm reminded of John 13:35 which says, "By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another". People that come to FOCUS that aren't Christians come because of the love they experience when they're around our students. It's the first step to introducing them to the love of God and I couldn't be prouder of our students for showing this love so selflessly. It's yet another reason to praise God. Anyway, this young man was speaking to one of our leaders after FOCUS and was asked if he had plans for Thanksgiving. He had no idea what that was. After explaining it to him the leaders asked him if he'd like to join him and some other students on Thanksgiving. He was amazed that someone would invite him to something like that and quickly said yes.
     The thing about these stories is that they are not the exception. Many such things are happening on our campus. Praise God! Our students are loving people, praying for them, spending time with them, preaching the gospel in one on ones, talking to their classmates about Jesus, and devoting themselves to scripture; I hear about experiences like these all the time. God's Spirit is certainly moving in and among us and we're so so thankful for that. We can't help but feel so unworthy of it. But God is good!

     Some things we'd love for you to be in prayer about:

  • Pray that God would continue to move in a powerful way at Collin as he draws those whom he's called closer to himself and Christ's body. 
  • Pray that we would not miss opportunities to display God's love on our campus. 
  • Pray that we "stay the course" in following Jesus, that we're faithfully pursuing him personally and as a community. 
     Again, I want to thank you for all you've done for our community. May God bless you in abundance!

Yours in Christ, 

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