Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Freshest Update Since Sliced October (November Update)

Trying to think of new blog post titles every month is difficult, especially since I feel the need to be novel. So I hope you enjoy my ridiculous titles each month :)

I'm so excited to give you all an update on how Collin College Focus is doing! This past month we have seen a lot of growth in our leaders, core groups, Thursday Night Focus, and one-on-one studies. It's pretty amazing to think that this semester will be coming to a close in the next two weeks. It's passed by so fast! I digress.
I have lots of good news! First, we are going to partner up with an auto repair place, who we contacted through a Focus alumni, and they are going to help students without the necessary funds repair their cars for little or no cost. Talk about a blessing!
Second, we just finished a three week sermon series on dating which we believe will help foster positive and healthy relationships within our community and allow for much more accountability and involvement among our student leaders.
And finally, we received a large sum of money from Collin College that will help send our students to Focus Winter Camp for much less than they would have paid otherwise. On a side note, Focus enjoys a great relationship with the staff at Collin College because of the campus ministers that came before us like Brad Davis, Tyler Marble, and Casey Worsham. I'm thankful for those guys in a way I can't describe.

Welp; school's wrapping up, students are starting (hopefully) to buckle down for finals, and we are going to finish strong, sending our students to their homes for the holidays with the admonition to serve and love their families like Christ serves and loves us. With that in mind here are some things we would really appreciate you praying for us:

- Pray that the Spirit moves in the hearts of our students regarding opposite sex relationships. Pray that they would be a "healing generation" for the sad state of families in America today.
- Pray that we would use the winter break to grow spiritually and love up on the people close to us as well as those who we aren't close to.
- Pray for God to send workers into the harvest! We have so many students and we need more and more leaders to step up and lead their peers in life, love, and the pursuit of Jesus Christ.

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