Monday, March 7, 2016

March Ministry Update!

Hello friends and supporters!

In an attempt to not inundate the readers of my blog who also receive updates from other ministers on our staff, I'm going to start releasing my blog a week after the new month begins. With that said, I have a ton to tell you about February and this first week of March!

February/early March can be a difficult season of ministry. The newness of the semester and Winter Camp has worn off and students tend to be disillusioned with school and sometimes community; there's not really rest in sight due to the large number of events, tests, and other demands. In this season it's easy for ministers to let some of the wind go out of their sails (or perhaps the wind is still there, but we put our sails down for respite). This season of ministry has been no different, but I've found it to be such an encouraging and joyous one. That may sound fairly incoherent, but the truth is that God is faithful, he does not stop working, and his kingdom pushes forcefully on. In that, I find joy and rest. I want to highlight a few things that I am greatly encouraged by.

- The growth of Preston Ridge Campus. A student group that, last semester, was 15 quiet people who hadn't yet caught the vision of campus ministry has turned into a 30+ student ministry of some of the most excited people you'll meet. They'll come back next year and rock that campus.

- The staff at Collin's growth and development this year. I get to work with 4 of our staff at Collin on a one-on-one basis weekly. Those times have been a mixture of fun, hard-work, tears, laughter, and deep thought. It's been an honor for me to help guide these men and women of God, one I'm not worthy of by any standard. But to see their growth this year has been so very encouraging.

- The unbelievable joy of our community of students. These students listen intently, try with all their heart, they're giving, loving, and disciplined (most of the time!), they sacrifice for one another, they've caught fire for the Lord, and they're maturing in Christ rapidly. We have such an amazing group of students and it's wonderful to see the Spirit transforming their hearts and minds.

- Our corefas (student leaders), and their maturation in Christ. These students enter into ministry their first year as infants, needing milk and not solid food. The course of this year has turned them into men and women of God on mission together. They've been learning through the joy and heartache of ministry to rely on God, trust their guides in the faith, and persist when the path is difficult to walk. I'm so proud of them and so thankful for their growth.

March will be a busy month for ministry, and I'd like to let you know about a special opportunity for you to get involved!

1. We're trying to send some students from all our campuses who show leadership potential to a week-long campus ministry conference in Washington called Student Institute of Campus Ministry. The cost is around $700 for students so many need help raising that money for their trip. One big way we do this is by a huge fundraiser we call Spring Showcase. It is an art show/sale along with performances by some very talented students. The dates and info are below, please come!

2016 Spring Showcase
Date: April 2nd, 2016
Time: Art sale starts at 6:30PM; Show starts at 7:30PM
Address: North Dallas Community Bible Fellowship
Purchase Tickets Online: OR in person from SICM students.  

 I want to thank you again for your support in ministry. Your prayers and financial support have made all of this possible, and I'm so grateful for you! 

Yours on the campus, 


  1. I love hearing about students growing up in the Lord and catching the vision!

  2. I love hearing about students growing up in the Lord and catching the vision!