Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year Update!!

Hello friends and supporters,

     Happy New Year! It seems unreal that 2014 passed by in such a flash. God has done so much, and blessed us so richly this year in every way. It's incomprehensible, the work God has wrought in our students and staff, our supporters, our communities and schools. He is truly the Faithful One, always at work in his people.

     December has been a great month. While our campuses close down between semesters it gives our students some time to spend with friends and family, relaxing and enjoying the season. It also means that our campus pastors have very different schedules with a different list of people to be ministering to. It has been really encouraging for me to spend time with students and other people that I wouldn't normally have time to see and encourage. I drove up to Denton a few weeks ago in order to see a few brothers and bless them in any way I could. As always, I left feeling the more blessed of the two. I've found that two people intent on blessing each other are far more encouraged than if we seek to bless ourselves. At any rate, the time I've been getting with old students, leaders I don't usually get to see, and others has been a tremendous blessing to me this season of which I am thankful.

     In other news, our keep Focus growing initiative has been incredible to experience. The #focus140 video and campaign was a huge success, bringing in a little over $22,000 so far. This money is going to help us start a new Focus ministry at UTA and help our other campuses cover their basic costs. I'm blown away at the spirit of giving that's been exemplified in the people who have given. I'm so incredibly thankful for their sacrifice!

     Finally, I'd like to share with you what's coming up so you can be praying for us as our partners in Christ's mission on campus. First, our annual winter camp is in mid January. It is a time of renewed vision and purpose for our students every year. Second, we are beginning the Spring semester and will see many new students who we want to reach out to! Third, we will be having our staff retreat and corefa class in the next two weeks; both of those are essential to helping our leaders discern God's will for us as a ministry. Please be praying about these things. You are often in my prayers and I must continue to thank you for how you've blessed me personally and the ministry as well. Thank you for your love and your care!

Yours in Christ,


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