Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Update!

Hello friends and supporters!

     I have a lot to tell you about what's been going on at Collin and Preston Ridge in March! One of the coolest things this semester has been seeing our interns grow and develop as ministers. It's been so encouraging to see how God has worked in each one of their lives to develop a sense of purpose and mission in campus ministry. It reminds me much of myself and how God has continued to lay students and campus ministry on my heart. What a gift we received when God handed to us the gospel! Another really neat thing has been our Discipleship Classes. This has been another place for me to view the changing hearts and minds of students in our ministries as we talk through on an academic and spiritual level the major questions of our faith, who Jesus is, and who we are. I couldn't be more happy that we started doing this class this year as I think it will be an essential part of how we interact with and disciple students in the future.

     March was a pretty standard month...NOT! We had 24 students from Western Washington University come down to the DFW area for their spring break in order to serve the students of the Focus campuses. They spent the entire week doing outreach events with Focus students. It was an amazing experience to see that many students from so far away engaging with our students on our campuses. The conversations that were had, and there were many, impacted and invigorated our students. They got to share the gospel with people, have fun, push themselves past their comfort boundaries, and minster to our campuses. One day at Collin we had large boards up that asked people about how science and God interact. I was shocked to see how many people from all over campuses came and talked to our students. Not only did these events solicit great conversation but they served to bring more people to our community to experience Christ. At Preston Ridge we had multiple new visitors that heard about us from our on-campus tables who have since been attending. Our students and the WWU students did an excellent job being ambassadors for Christ throughout the week!

     I want to end by thanking you for continually supporting Focus and our work at these campuses. It has been so comforting to have your friendship, prayers, and support. To know that you stand beside me throughout all the triumphs and failures of ministry is a perpetual blessing and I want you to know I'm so very thankful for you! 

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