Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Beginning of Something Beautiful

Hello friends and supporters!

     Well, August is over. It's been exciting, it's been amazing, it's been filled with God-works, and it's been exhausting! The beginning of school is such an important time to meet new students and teach our student leaders how to invest in others. And have they ever! Our group of leaders (who we lovingly refer to as corefas or core facilitators) have been so encouraging. They've worked so hard to meet people, invite people, reach people, and start friendships with people on campus. I'd like you to keep in mind we're talking about 18, 19, 20 year old students who have jobs and are taking 15 hours of classes in many cases. These are the people spending 15-20 hours a week or more doing ministry and bringing love to new students all over the campus. It's radical, it's intense, and it's exactly what Jesus did. These students have caught the vision of God's kingdom coming here.

I respect these students immensely.

     When it's all said and done, these are the campus missionaries. They are in the trenches getting to know individual students, becoming integral parts of bringing other students to know Jesus. I'm so proud of them and filled with joy when I think about the trajectory of their lives in Christ. We got to spend Sunday and most of Monday at a retreat with these leaders from all the schools and it was so very cool and encouraging. Below is a picture of worship on Sunday. At the retreat we taught them about becoming disciple-makers, about how to lead small groups, and allowed them to mutually encourage one another in fellowship and worship.

     On top of this, we had our first Thursday Night Focus meetings on campus the past two weeks and they have gone well! We've had so many visitors at TNF, volleyball, our outreach events, and otherwise that I've lost track of many names and don't recognize the people at half our events (although I'm sure part of that is my age). We're continuing to try to invite people in to be a part of the community God has created at Collin College and it's exciting to say the least.

     In closing I'd like to say that your prayers are appreciated and needed. We have so many new students and we need workers for the harvest! Will you pray for us to be a light to them? Will you pray that God will bring the people he intends to bring to our community and that we will be faithful with them? And finally will you pray that God works powerfully on our campus this year and brings his kingdom here? Thank you so much for your thoughts, your prayers, your support, and your love. We could not do any of this were it not for your help. We are SO thankful for you!!

Yours for the campus,

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