Monday, April 29, 2013


Hello friends and supporters!

     Classes are wrapping up at Collin, the air is getting warmer, the days are a bit longer, but Christ is working powerfully in his ministry at Collin! It's been so cool to get to see leaders emerge from our group this year. Each year our leaders try to replicate themselves in a way, bearing fruit that will provide a harvest for us next year, and the cycle continues. The Lord never ceases to amaze me with this process.

    This month has been a month of reflection. As we try to improve on what we do and who we are we ask our students to look back and consider what they've done well, what they haven't done so well, and what they'd like to do next year. This process of debriefing teaches us and our students that improvement should be continuous; we are ever the students. Personally, I have so much that I want to work on and try out next year, and I'm excited about the chance to. That is in no small part thanks to you and your support!

     As we wrap up this year I'd ask you be praying specifically for a few things:

  • Pray that new leaders would emerge and that they'd bear fruit next year,
  • Pray that the end of school goes well for our students and staff,
  • Pray for the students transferring to other colleges from Collin and that they'd be a light wherever they go,
  • Pray that we'd finish strong and continue to bring The Message to everyone we encounter. 
Thank you so so much for all you do. I'm thankful and praying for you and yours. 

Yours at Collin,

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