Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Garrett's May Ministry Update

Hello friends and supporters!

I'm excited to get to tell you about all that has gone on in the Collin ministry this past month. There's certainly a lot to talk about so I'll get right to it. Let's make this interesting by calling it, "5 Things You Need to Know". I know, original.
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo credit: Sean Do
1. We had our second large teaching event of the year called Pizza Theology. Pizza theology is where we take about 5 hours on a Sunday afternoon/evening to go into depth about a theological topic, and of course, eat pizza. In this case we were teaching on heaven and hell. We had around 350 students show up for this event and it was a ton of fun. We love to get our students thinking more in depth about what Scripture says about all kinds of things. This topic was really good for us all to have to think through more.

2. I had the opportunity over the last 4 weeks to get to teach a class to our interns on staff about the Holy Spirit (pneumatology). I have them read a wide array of authors addressing various time periods from the Old Testament to the early church to the present all dealing with the Holy Spirit. It has been a difficult class for many of them, but they seem to have learned quite a bit and have been stretched in their thinking. They are always refreshing for me to be around because they bring such sincere and interesting questions.

Photo credit: Sean Do
3. We had our end of the year banquet this past Sunday and it was a blast! We had around 100 students show up to tell one another how much they loved each other and reflect on all that God has done at Collin this year. It was a neat time and I'm always sad to think about how many great students we won't have around next year. But I know it's for the best, as these students will be lights and leaders on their campuses next year. Also, I was able to thank our campus staff, pictured on the left, who have done so incredibly much to make Collin Focus a success this year. I'm so grateful for them and all their work, and I fell immensely blessed to have spent the year working with them.

4. The ministry is wrapping up, as this is the last week of school. We certainly aren't done doing ministry, but as we move into the summer our ministry does look different. Many students leave to go home for the summer but there are a large number of students who stay in town. For that reason we have Summer Focus. Summer Focus is where all of the students from any campus come during the entire summer to get to worship and fellowship with one another. It will be Thursday nights at 7:30 at Lifepoint Church in Plano (who graciously allow us to use their facility for free). We also have a way for students to continue to grow in their knowledge through what we call School of Ministry. This is a series of classes taught by Focus alumni about a number of spiritual and academic topics. Small groups will meet weekly to discuss their readings and homework. So while Focus looks different over the summer, we're still working with all our might to grow and challenge college students!

5. Finally, you need to know how much we couldn't have made this year happen without your support. Your prayers are precious to us as is any other support you give. Partnering with you this year has been a tremendous blessing. I look forward to our continued relationship and partnership in bringing the gospel to college campuses. I'm so very thankful for you!

Yours on the campus,

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