Monday, March 4, 2013

February Update

Hello family and friends!

          I'm excited to get to relay on to you what God has been doing in the Collin ministry this month. We've been getting consistent visitors every week and some of those have been students I taught at Sachse High School years ago! Being able to see one former student of mine, in particular, get involved in our small groups and come to Focus every Thursday has been a blessing to me. The way God works is amazing. On top of this our students have truly responded to what we have called "investing in the mission", our take on giving. We have encouraged our students to give financially to wherever they feel led to give and we have received excellent feedback on this. Our students are learning what Jesus says in Luke 16:10 and Matthew 25:23, those who are faithful with little will be given more. They do not give out of abundance in most cases, but what they can give they do. This has been so encouraging and challenging for me as well!
          This past month we started a sermon series called Living in the Word. We are encouraging our students to get into reading more scripture, studying it, living it, and thinking through what it means and why. We first covered the gospel of Mark and now we are working our way through Romans. It's a daunting task but it has been good to see our students reading along with us and bringing up good questions.

          The Lord has blessed us in innumerable ways. For that I thank God, and I thank you for your payers for us. I ask that you continue to pray for the health of our ministry and for our diligence in seeking God and doing his will. I am in prayer for you and continue to thank God for you and your support of what he is doing everyday. Thank you, friends, and may the fullness of God bless you in Christ Jesus!

Yours for the campus,


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